"Drift" is a short that tells the story of a young boy named Oscar and his imaginary friend Nika who wants to persuade him to join her to another world. A choice that literally turns his world upside down.

The intention of this short was to create a visually fascinating film where drone-shots play a part and add value in the story but at the same time are not the main character.

That got us thinking on what we could do with a drone that has not yet been done before.. That's when we came up with aerial retro zooms. More specific: Anamorphic retrozooms. We got in touch with Angenieux Lenses to discuss our project and they decided to provide us with two anamorphic lightweight zooms. We did some tests and were really excited to see that our Intuitive Aerial Aerigon, Alexa Mini & Angenieux Anamorphics were a perfect match.

We shot the short during 4 rainy days in November with a very limited amount of flight time due to rainfall but managed to get all the shots we needed for the story. 

For us, this whole project was a test for exploring new possibilities with aerial filming. Create shots that add to the perception of the spectator, that are visually interesting but also create a certain emotion.

I believe that, with "Drift" , we found a way to take aerial filming a little step further in storytelling.