Kelly's Aerial

Kelly's Aerial division combines the best of two worlds: Providing experienced pilots, all in regulation with the BeUAS, flying our top gear and experienced DoP’s controlling any camera to your needs.

Our UAS are fully regulated and up for the task given. As a team we provide the best possible equipment and knowledge to our clients. Our licensed aerigon drone can hold a fully equiped large sensor camera to make your wildest ideas reality.

We also provide a lightweight alternative. 
Our DJI inspire is approved by the strictest regulations and flown by experienced pilots.  

Certified Drone Pilot - Belgian Drone Federation

Alta 8

  • Max. payload of 9kg
  • Cameralist: Arri Alexa mini/Red/Sony F55
  • Full fiz control


DJI Inspire 2

  • Compact & leightweight
  • Zenmuse X7 camera